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Handyman Eric HolleyWhen it comes to building a home, there are many choices to consider, such as color, flooring types, etc. However, the most important choice to make is which builder to use. This can mean the difference between just living with the results and loving the results.

At Florida Family Homes, you will have the option to make your own choices. You may choose your paint colors, flooring type, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc. You will not have to accept a list of non-negotiable items. If you wish to change an aspect of the floor plan, such as window locations, bathroom configuration, and closet sizes, you may. If you want to remove an interior wall or add one here or there, you may. We want you to love the results.

Also, there are high standards which are included in the "turnkey" price for our homes. Some of these include impact windows, French doors, and sliding glass doors for peace of mind. Real wood cabinets are included to eliminate the need to upgrade to what you really want. Solid surface countertops including granite, quarts, and corian are included. Isonene spray foam insulation is included to lower the heat in the attic lowering the energy bill. We do not wish to entice our customers with a seemingly low price for our homes, only to find out later all of the things that are not included.

Most importantly, a contractor with a conscience is included. Your home will be built with a genuine regard for your expectations and ultimately your satisfaction. We have selected the finest sub-contractors with similar qualities to aid us in building the home you have envisioned and paid for. You can be confident with your choice when you choose to build with us. Thank you in advance. It will be our pleasure and honor to build your home.

Eric Holley
Florida Family Homes